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Hey, just thought my page needed to be revamped. It's Princess Skyler from Shoreline soles. local foot model to the new England area. don't be scared to message me I don't bite...hard.

choke me, slap me in the face and call me a slut, I’ll melt in your hands


I want to test boundaries, I want to provoke and see how much I can get away with…


I also like completely regular passionate sex. Both are very fun to have and I enjoy both to a great degree. Sue me ya fuckers. Last I checked, this was my blog dudes.

Anonymous said: Pretend you had your foot above someones nuts, and as soon as you stomped it would ruin the guy forever. What would you say right before you stomped?

I feel like you’ve messaged me this a lot on fetlife, My normal reaction would prob be “Now you can’t pass on your sissy genes”